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We suggest you use the Curseforge Client to manage your Wow addons in general.

Alternatively you can always use the direct download from here or the latest GitHub release and follow the Installation Guide in the Wiki to get the latest version of Questie up and running.

If you have problems, please read the Frequently Asked Questions.


  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Come chat with us on our Discord server.
  • You can use the issue tracker to report bugs and post feature requests (requires a Github account).
  • When creating an issue please follow the templated structure to speed up a possible fix.
  • If you get an error message from the WoW client, please include the complete text or a screenshot of it in your report.
    • You need to enter /console scriptErrors 1 once in the ingame chat for Lua error messages to be shown. You can later disable them again with /console scriptErrors 0.

Trust us it's (Good)!


PRs Welcome

  • We are happy about every help and contribution we get, so feel free to submit a Pull Request on Github
  • Translators can search for missing translations by: ["yourLanguage"] = false (e.g. ["deDE"] = false) and replace the false with a string of the new translation, e.g. ["yourLanguage"] = "YourTranslation". Current translations can be found in the Translation folder
  • Additional information you might find interesting can be found here


If you'd like to support the development of Questie by donating, you can do so via PayPal


Show quests on map

  • Show notes for quest start points, turn in points, and objectives.

Questie Quest Givers Questie Complete Questie Tooltip

Quest Tracker

  • Improved quest tracker:
    • Automatically tracks quests on accepting (instead of progressing)
    • Can show all 20 quests from the log (instead of default 5)
    • Left click quest to open quest log (configurable)
    • Right-click for more options, e.g.:
      • Focus quest (makes other quest icons translucent)
      • Point arrow towards objective (requires TomTom addon)


Quest Communication

  • You can see party members quest progress on the tooltip.
  • At least Questie version 5.0.0 is required by everyone in the party for it to work, tell your friends to update!



  • Show tooltips on map notes and quest NPCs/objects.
  • Holding Shift while hovering over a map icon displays more information, like quest XP.


Quest Information


  • Event quests are shown when events are active!



  • Waypoint lines for quest givers showing their pathing.


Journey Log

  • Questie records the steps of your journey in the "My Journey" window. (right-click on minimap button to open)


Quests by Zone

  • Questie lists all the quests of a zone divided between completed and available quest. Gotta complete 'em all. (right-click on minimap button to open)



  • Questie's database can be searched. (right-click on minimap button to open)



  • Extensive configuration options. (left-click on minimap button to open)