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Uploaded by TheCrux_BB
Uploaded Apr 13, 2022
Game Version 2.5.4   +1
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MD5 7e3a7d090eaf2df3439d8cf426c57ae3
Supported WoW Burning Crusade Classic Versions
Supported WoW Classic Versions


New Features

  • Fully rewrite quest event system - This fixes the nasty "desync" issue

General Fixes

  • Updated LibQuestXP to fix SoM XP values

Quest Fixes

  • Fixed objective locations for "Distracting Jarven" (Thanks @gouletr)
  • Fixed quest starters for "Elanaria" (Thanks @gouletr)
  • Fixed starting locations for "Heeding the Call" (Thanks @gouletr)
  • Fixed a Lua error caused when on "Hearts of the Lovers"
  • Fixed exclusiveness of Incubus version of "The Binding"
  • Fixed race requirements for Horde Felhunter quest line
  • Marked "Carendin Summons" as breadcrumb quest

Database Fixes

  • Fixed location of Zul'Aman

Localization Fixes

  • Added missing zone translation for "Dalaran"

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