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Uploaded by TheCrux_BB
Uploaded Jan 27, 2022
Game Version 2.5.3   +1
Size 19.80 MB
Downloads 369,840
MD5 a47291a482a09d47e31468b005dbbb18
Supported WoW Burning Crusade Classic Versions
Supported WoW Classic Versions


General Fixes

  • Fixed error message for unsupported WoW client versions
  • Fixed reputation standing to also detect a new faction
  • Show Tracker header even without any quest tracked
  • Showing creature levels in map tooltips

Quest Fixes

  • Unlocked all Netherwing quests
  • Added missing starting NPCs for "Speak with Ruga"
  • Added warlock quest chains for the new Incubus pet
  • Disallow multiple blacksmith NPCs for auto turn in which "sell" recipes
  • Fixed exclusiveness of "Call of Earth"
  • Fixed alliance version of "Free at Last!"
  • Fixed objective locations for "Shizz Work"
  • Fixed pre quests for "The Vengeful Harbinger" and "The Tomb of Lights"
  • Fixed starting NPC for "Attunement to the Core"
  • Fixed starting NPC for "Blackhand's Command"
  • Fixed starting NPC for "Dark Iron Legacy"
  • Fixed turn in location for "Whitebark's Memory"
  • Improve objective location for "Returning the Favor"

Localization Fixes

  • Fixed language changes to use correct translations

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