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Uploaded by aerorocks99
Uploaded May 17, 2021
Game Version 1.13.7
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MD5 79b1bd9b977c35536a7fe562d16e9427
Supported WoW Burning Crusade Classic Versions
Supported WoW Classic Versions


This is the first universal release for both Classic and prepatch/TBC!
Many changes have come in since the last release here, a full changelog of all the beta developments is available on the discord.

A brief summery of all the changes
- Add support for TBC / prepatch

- Update internal libraries to latest versions

- Improve performance and stability of the database and map systems
- Disable durability frame hooks to prevent issues with the durability frame

- Fix over 2000 quest bugs
- Many more minor changes and improvements

Questie is still undergoing rapid development, as such you may encounter bugs. Please keep up to date for the best experience!
We will also be releasing a large update some time after TBC launch, with many improvements and new features.

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