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QuestGuru ChangeLog

Version 2.4.23
Updated TOC for 7.2


Version 2.4.22
Just a couple of non-error producing bug fixes


Version 2.4.21
Corrected a spelling error brought in by 2.4.20
oi vey!


Version 2.4.20
Minor fixes and improvements


Version 2.4.19
Fixed problem that cropped up in 7.1


Version 2.4.18
Updated TOC and fixed Track/UnTrack button


Version 2.4.17
Fixed another spelling error


Version 2.4.16
Fixed a spelling error and added a "classic"
sound set, thanks to houseofmabel for
providing the code


Version 2.4.15
Disabled button changing Lua until I can get it fixed.
Added sound sets "Alarm" and "Bells"


Version 2.4.14
Added sound set "quiet" for those not wanting to hear the sounds.


Version 2.4.13
Turned off debug mode (forgot I left it on)


Version 2.4.12
Had to revise the sound section into a separate folder
(QuestGuruSounds) and took out some sound sets
Down to two sets presently for testing, will put back


Version 2.4.11
Added some more sound sets


Version 2.4.10
Fixed sounds so they worked like before


Version 2.4.09
Ok, REALLy TRUELY, fixed key binding problem (not sure why it
worked on many but not all) Tested it on 3 realms and various
sets or addons loaded. Binding header name fixed also


Version 2.4.08
Ok, REALLY fixed key binding problem (not sure why it
worked on one toon but not the rest)
reimplemented player portrait in upper left version

Version 2.4.07
Fixed key binding and window placement/moving
problems brought to me by Howling


Version 2.4.06
Corrected some errors to my lua.
Disabled sound for right now until I get it fixed.


Version 2.4.05
Various bug fixes
TOC number change

Version 2.4.00
Repaired a problem in the .xml file throwing errors in Legion.
Also disabled the Options button in the same file for now


Version 2.3.12
TOC update to 60200

Version 2.3.11
Defult sound set is the original QuestGuru set from the past. /QGS for changes


Version 2.3.10
Fixed some spelling errors and got header collapse working again. Update TOC for 6.1


Version 2.3.09
Sound configuration added. /QGS and /QGS SET - for options

Version 2.3.08
Finally got the sounds working. Horde has peon sounds and ally has peasant sounds. Objective progress, objective complete and quest complete.


Version 2.3.07b
Brought things back to pre-2.3.07, except for the additions of tracker files, but those are disabled until I get them re-worked.


Version 2.3.07a
Made some revisions.


Version 2.3.07
Some fixes, some additions. Working hard on tracker part


Version 2.3.06

Reports of problems came in.
Went thru with fine toothed comb and got them beggars outta here.


Version 2.3.04
Changed versioning numbers (got rid of -6000). Repaired some minor bugs, introduced QuestGuru's version number and player's name, level and class to title bar :) Added sound to collapsing and expanding quest zone / type headers.


Version 2.3.02-60000
Found corruption in zip file, fixed and uploaded tested and working copy


Version 2.3.01-60000
Massive rework of the QuestGuru code. Right now the tracker is not working :(


Version 2.2.18-50400
(no changes)
* Normalizing the version numbers between QuestGuru & QuestGuru_Tracker to the same value. This will be the main change log henceforth.
* fix Achievement to ignore update events that happen during portals (between leaving and entering world events)
The update event would fire, but Blizzard was reporting no achievements during that time so the QGT would
"UnTrack" the Achievements and so there would be none when the display tried to update (and therefore currLine was zero and j was nil)
* Look at the oldChangeLog in QuestGuru_Tracker for older updates to the tracker


Version 2.2.17-50400 (QuestGuru)
* Changing the Version number so Curse will see that it's different

Version 1.5.16-50400 (QuestGuru_Tracker)
* fix QGT_Achievement.lua to handle Blizzard not returning an integer value on the slider


Version 2.2.16-50400 (QuestGuru)
* Removed a bit of diagnostic code accidently left in.


Version 2.2.15-50400 (QuestGuru)
* Change logic around QuestLog_OnShow to use secure hook functions to resolve
a taint issue introduced by patch 5.4.1 (Shame on you Blizzard).


Version 2.2.14-50400 (QuestGuru)
Version 1.5.15-50400 (QuestGuru_Tracker)
* TOC change for patch 5.4


Version 2.2.14-50300 (QuestGuru)
Version 1.5.15-50300 (QuestGuru_Tracker)
* TOC change for patch 5.3
* Fixed a problem in QGT_Achievements that caused the Tracker to fail (Tracker)
* Big thanks to CMTitan who provided code to handle Scenarios that came out with MoP (Tracker)


Version 2.2.13-50001 (QuestGuru)
* Added a new sound option to announce (Thank you Drizt)
* Added a snippet of code to fix a rare QuestLog layout problem. Drizt ran into this again in MoP & kindly shared his fix for the issue.
* Fixed a few more places where party handling was changed in MoP/Patch 5.0.4.
* Changed the Debug message for the objectives not returning data to be sensitive to the debug setting.


Version 1.5.14-50001 (QuestGuru_Tracker)
* Fixed another place where party handling was changed in MoP/Patch 5.0.4.

Version 2.2.12-50001 (QuestGuru)
* Blizzard API GetQuestLogLeaderBoard is failing to return information for the identified objective & quest on some quests.
I changed the code to look for no information return and simply bypass processing for that objective after dumping some info into the chatlog.
I've added a slashcommand to invoke the routine at will: "/qg testui1"
For me, it's failing on "Shadow Wardens" and perhaps that's because the world tree marks are currency, not "items".
If the quest is an event quest (get 150 marks) then the type of quest should be event and the numObjectives should be zero.


Version 2.2.11-50001 (QuestGuru)
* Error being reported by some @ line 410 of QuestGuru.lua. Added some diagnostic code when text == nil


Version 2.2.10-50001 (QuestGuru)
* Removed some leftover diagnostic messages


Version 1.5.13-50001 (QuestGuru_Tracker)
* Fixed a problem with the Achievement Tracking


Version 2.2.9-50001 (QuestGuru)
Version 1.5.12-50001 (QuestGuru_Tracker)
* Both - Updated several items for compatability with Mists of Panderia (Patch 5.0.x)


Version 2.2.7-40300 (QuestGuru)
Version 1.5.10-40300 (QuestGuru_Tracker)
* Latest revision of the Russian localization now incorporated. Thank you again StingerSoft!
* Removed some unused code. Frame "QG_QuestLogTitleMenu"
* Fixed the SetBindings problem that would cause all bindings to occassionally get lost.


Version 2.2.6-40300 (QuestGuru)
Version 1.5.9-40300 (QuestGuru_Tracker)
* Made several localization changes. Enabled $substitution variables in announcer to be localized as well.
* Incorporated a brand new localization for Chinese(zhCN). Credit to Honooon with many thanks.
* Incorporated an updated localization for Russian(ruRU). Credit to StingerSoft with many thanks also.
* Updated all of the localizations (even the new ones) to synchronize variable names
* I based the updates upon the default (American) localization file.
* I removed variables that were no longer in the base localization file (most moved to the QuestGuru_Tracer localization)
* and added missing variables (in American)
* We now have localizations for German, French, Russian, and Chinese (zhCN & zhTW).
* I would really appreciate it if speakers of those languages sent me updates to them.
* There are some new variables in the localizations that need translation!


Version 2.2.5-40300
* The History button call to QuestCompletist has been fixed.


Version 2.2.4a-40300
* Refixed an issue in QuestGuru_Tracker\QGT_Quests.lua where SaveBindings sometimes received an invalid value because GetCurrentBindingSet() would return other than nil, 1, or 2.


Version 2.2.4-40300
* Fixed the TOC for 4.3 cata
* MrObrien has asked that somebody pickup and work on the QuestGuru so I will try and do some updates as I can't play without this mod.
Addon home is and you can PM me there if you like. Gregity is the name.
I will be making small changes to get used to the codebase before I try anything like a major update.
* Fixed an issue in QuestGuru_Tracker/QGT_Quests.lua where SaveBindings sometimes received an invalid value because GetCurrentBindingSet() would return nil
* No other new information has been added (yet).


Version 2.2.3
* Fixes for when scrolling the quest log
* The quest log frame will now remember where it was when moved


Version 2.2.2
* Tracker achievement bug fixes and flashing for completed remote quests


Version 2.2.1
* Tracker bug fix that was causing game crashes


Version 2.2
* Added quest levels to NPC dialogs where possible
* Added "Sound\\Creature\\Peasant\\PeasantWhat3.wav" to the list of sound options


Version 2.1
* Removed the History, I recommend using Quest Completist
* Fixes for Cataclysm
* Special thanks to Dridzy and Cartman for their invaluable contributions


Version 2.0 Beta 2
* QuestGuru now modifies the quest log to add quest level and checkboxes for tracking quests (like previous versions of QuestGuru)


Version 2.0 Beta 1
* Incorporated History function, QuestGuru History is no longer a separate module
* QuestGuru is now a modification of the built-in quest log, rather than a replacement
* History is no longer stored on your computer but is retrieved from the server instead
* Removed some features that were causing problems and slimmed down the addon to reduce memory usage
* Upgraded to ChatThrottleLib v21