Quest Completist

Last Updated: Mar 29, 2018 Game Version: 7.3.5


Oct 30, 2010

Owner: ViduusEU

First off all i wanna welcome Orojeff  to the project and thank him for his work on the new functions and fixes to the core file


New: Quest Completist will now automatic perform the server query command, this will prevent alot of confusion about quests not being marked as completed.
New: Clicking on a quest in the QC window now creates a TomTom waypoint to the quest giver if the map pin exist.
Fix: Filter button do not open correct menu on first attempt (second do).
Fix: an issue whit several map ids preventing them from changeing quests when entering a new zone.
Removed: several obselette quests.
Update: Corrected world events for 2018
Add: Several Breadcrumbs to Db.
Add: Support for Lightforged draenei and Highmoutain tauren.
Add: Some missing quests.
Add: Moore missing map pins.

Known issues
Map pins: Dreamgrove and some added to old zones by legion expansion is still missing
Non English Localization files needs updates.