Quest Text Reader

Last Updated: Oct 13, 2014 Game Version: 6.0.2


Sep 25, 2014

Owner: Cell303

This addon generates links for the Quest Text Reader web app which reads quest texts out loud.

*NOTE: The web app only works with Chrome and Safari at the moment! **


  1. Accept a quest (or type /qtr show)
  2. A link encoding your quest log and character information will appear.
  3. Copy the link and open it in your browser.**
  4. The web app will start reading the quests to you.
  5. Accept other quests.
  6. A new link will appear.
  7. Copy the new link and paste it directly into the input field at the top of the web app.
  8. The app will add the new quests to the play list.


  • /qtr on - Enable showing the link when you accept a new quest
  • /qtr off - Disable showing the link when you accept a new quest
  • /qtr show - Show the current link

* The reason is that the web app uses the HTML5 Speech Synthesis API to generate the sound output. This API is currently only supported by Chrome and Safari. However, the API is a open standard and will eventually be available in other browsers as well.

** The reason the link has to be copy-pasted manually is due to restrictions within the WoW programming environment, which does not allow direct communication with external sources. That being said, the addon and web app try to make the copy-paste process as seamless as possible.


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