Last Updated: Nov 25, 2016 Game Version: 7.0.3


May 16, 2015

Owner: iLLsendev

This addon enables raidgroups to queue and join the battlegrounds simultaneously.

/qpop : Show Qpop UI

For suggestions/help use the comments or contact me @

illsentv @ twitch

we use this addon to join alterac valley with preformed 40man raids
the join part cant be automated so we have to time it by making everyone join queue at the same time
basicly we do this:

1. everyone joins RAIDGROUP and voicecomm (we use teamspeak)
2. everyone has to install the addon and have it enabled.
3. while in raid everyone queues for solo (not as group) alterac specific battlegrounds for example(see image http://i.imgur.com/1RWD7Px.jpg )
4. by queueing solo a warning message pops up, asking you if you really want to join solo.
5. We use this yes/no window to time our queue. Everyone has to keep this window open for now.
6. Leader waits until everyone has this window open. now the leader counts down to zero and then everyone presses yes to join queue at the same time
7. this method puts all 40 people in queue at the same time.
8. when the invites pop no one joins or leaves until the leader says so.

The leader uses this addon to monitor the situation.
it shows people in queue/not in queue and also when invites pop

the smaller the group the easier it is to pull it off to get everyone into the same BG.
If the leader sees that invites popped for 35 people at the same time its 100% sure that these 35 people will join the same alterac. leader tells everyone to join.
there are always these few guys who cant time it right, or have to do stuff which pauses their queue (loadingscreens/disconnects), which pretty much makes them fall behind in queue
So its a miracle if all 40 people get the invite at the same time, most of the time its 35-38.
We all gather in shattrath in the middle and stay there before we queue to minimize the problems, so no one can accidently pause their queue.

sometimes only 10 people get invites and few seconds later the rest of the grp gets the invite. this is a sign that, your grp will be split into 2 bgs. If that happens the leader tells everyone to leave/cancel queue and you start again with Step 3
in EU we also have to make sure that everyone in grp is playing on servers from the same region, cause people from english servers get always paired with english people, germans with germans and so on. Don't know if thats an issue in US east/west.
Some screens. 40 man alterac graveyard camping for honorable kills :D






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