Version 4.2 is out.

QUIHP has now been updated to work with Dragonflight.

(Tested on Live 10.0.0 and 10.0.2 Beta)


A simple lightweight Holy Power replacement frame.
Initially built as I needed something that fitted with my IU.

This work has been inspired by Crober's holy power indicator.

If you are updating from an earlier version you might have to delete the saved variables.

command line options :
/quihp : Lists available options.
/quihp lock : To unlock and lock frame.
/quihp scale [<val>] : To view current scale or to set scale level. Default is 1.0
/quihp style [<style>] : To list available style or to set a style. Default is basic.
/quihp emptybar : To toggle empty bar visibility. default is visible. (0.3.3b)
/quihp strata:  [<val>] : To set the frame strata. Leave empty for available options