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112K Downloads Updated Sep 24, 2019 Created Oct 11, 2013

Warns when current target has buffs/debuffs that would reduce or eliminate the effect of damage

20.4K Downloads Updated Oct 9, 2019 Created Dec 11, 2017

Provides an interface to create War Games via the Friends List.

98.4K Downloads Updated Sep 3, 2019 Created Sep 14, 2008

Entertaining kill-shot notification.

24.2K Downloads Updated Sep 15, 2019 Created Aug 13, 2018

A World PVP-focused addon; Player detection & display, spell/ability/item alerts, crosshairs, and more.

405K Downloads Updated Jul 21, 2019 Created Sep 17, 2009


2.5K Downloads Updated Sep 26, 2019 Created Sep 17, 2019

This Addon Save the Your's Attack and Enemy's Attack Data

195K Downloads Updated Jun 25, 2019 Created Oct 20, 2010

A simple Currency Point list for the Titan Panel AddOn.

130K Downloads Updated Oct 22, 2014 Created Apr 15, 2006

Natur EnemyCastBar

17.6K Downloads Updated Sep 24, 2019 Created Sep 7, 2015

Audit potential PvP partners and view history with players, comps, and maps

536K Downloads Updated Jul 24, 2016 Created Mar 18, 2008

Shows mobs, quests, dungeons and battles needed until you reach your next level.

1.8K Downloads Updated Sep 29, 2019 Created Sep 11, 2019

Show CC Diminish return and Trinket on Nameplate

727K Downloads Updated Dec 30, 2017 Created Mar 17, 2011

PVPSound, a simple, light-weight addon that plays UT3 sound effects on killing blows and specific...

33K Downloads Updated Jun 26, 2019 Created Sep 23, 2014

Call out for Battlegrounds

101K Downloads Updated Oct 3, 2018 Created Dec 20, 2014

GSA plugin for Chinese voice set

1.3K Downloads Updated Sep 5, 2019 Created Sep 4, 2019

Adds unreal tournament style sounds to PvP encounters.

89.3K Downloads Updated Nov 10, 2018 Created Jul 24, 2011

A movable and sizable Quest Tracker for Dominos. (also works standalone)

9.1K Downloads Updated Jun 27, 2019 Created Sep 28, 2018

A Chinese female voicepack plugin based on GladiatorlosSA2_B3

14.6K Downloads Updated Aug 8, 2019 Created Jan 24, 2015

Offensive unit frames. BG stats, match history, killing blow history. Personalized scoreboard and empowered nameplates...

169K Downloads Updated Jul 21, 2016 Created May 10, 2009

Addon that uses TomTom's Crazy Arrow to display the direction and distance of pings and...

8.6K Downloads Updated Jul 9, 2019 Created Jul 26, 2018

A simple addon for tracking PvP kills, War Mode bounties, and War Mode Supply Drops/Caches/Chests.