9,006 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 23, 2006 Game Version: 1.12.0


This plugin provides you with in-game data on what a particular item will disenchant into were you to disenchant it.

It comes with a reasonably large (user supplied) prebuilt database of disenchants, plus it will collate any disenchants you do while it is loaded into the mix.

If you have any bug reports or support requests, please visit the official site at http://enchantrix.org/ and go to the forums.

Patched up to 1800, release of 3.2.0 version.

No longer has any required dependancies other than the bundled EnhTooltip and Stubby addons.

Many bugs have been fixed with this release, and the database has been cleaned up a heap.

This addon is now load-on-demand. IF YOU WANT IT TO LOAD FOR A PARTICULAR CHARACTER, TYPE '/enchantrix load always' WHEN YOU ARE LOGGED IN AS THAT CHARACTER.

Localization support has been increased and should be complete for most languages.

Disenchant database is built from user-supplied data.
Upload yours for access to the up-to-date database at:


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