This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

An in-game history of quests accepted/completed/abandoned

- Logs all quests that a player receives and records them in a sortable in-game list
- The user can customize what data the addon logs. Using the default options records the following information for each quest:

*Quest title, objectives, rewards, items as shown in the normal QuestLog
*NPCs giving and completing the quest
*Location of player when quest was accepted/completed
*Level of player when quest was accepted/completed
*Played time of player when quest was accepted/completed
*Times quest has been abandoned/failed
*XP rewarded for quest completion
*Money rewarded for quest completion

- Notes can be added to quests
- Quests can be edited and deleted
- Quests can be manually added
- Only records quest data from the time the addon is first used
- Does not modify any of the game's original files

To install, just extract the zip file into your World of Warcraft directory. Then in game, you can use /qh or /questhistory to open the window. Alternatively, there is a QuestHistory section in Key Bindings where you can bind a key.

Once you bring up the main window in game, you should see a list of your quests. You can sort this list by clicking on one of the column buttons or by selecting a sort method from the drop-down box. You can click on the Search button and enter some text to filter the quests. Only the quests that have data (title, objectives, reward item, etc.) that contain the entered text will be displayed.

There is also an Options button which will bring up a screen allowing you to customize what types of quests (abandoned, completed or current) are shown in the list and what data is logged for each quest. If you are worried about the size of your SavedVariables.lua file, you can deselect some of the data that QuestHistory logs. There are other options available including the ability to choose the character whose quest data is displayed and select the colors for abandoned and completed quests.

For more detailed information on a quest, simply click on it in the list and a detailed window will open. This window will contain all of the quest data that is normally shown in the Quest Log as well as extra data that was recorded. Notes can be added to the quest from this screen as well.

If the option for editing quests has been enabled, you can edit a quest by right-clicking on it in the list. Also, if the delete option has been enabled, shift-right-clicking on a quest will delete it.

If you are using the MapNotes addon, you can left-click on the recorded accepted or completed location to add a map note. Right-clicking on the location will add a mini-note only.


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