Titan Panel - [Rec Zone] REBORN

Last Updated: Feb 6, 2018 Game Version: 7.3.5


Jun 15, 2007

Owner: Evilunloaded

Titan Panel - [Rec Zone] REBORN



Displays level for current zone and recommends zones and instances based on your level:

(*) = See Known Issues

Displays a color coded zone range for the zones:

  • Red: "Much Higher" then your level
  • Orange: "Slightly Higher" then your level
  • Yellow: Your "Current" level
  • Green: "Slightly Lower" then your level
  • Grey: "Much Lower" then your level

Displays color coded continent name:

  • Green: The continent you are currently on
  • Yellow: The other continents

Displays color coded PvP zone faction:

  • Green: Zones controlled by your faction
  • Yellow: Contested zones

The tool tip also gives you a quick reference on what zones and instances are good for your level.


Current/Previous Updates



  • Updated LibTourist 3.0 to latest build R198 - Fixed addon crashing


  • Updated Continent API to newer 7.0.3 API
  • Updated Zone API to newer 7.0.3 API
  • Updated current zone instances
  • Fixed minor zones instance bugs


  • Addressed zone caching issue, which caused incorrect current zone levels



  • Fixed Titan Panel right click menu option - Missing "Hide" button
  • Updated Titan Panel right click menu Build ID and Build Number
  • Spaced add on name on Titan Panel UI for better visuals 


  • Updated Libraries:
    • LibTourist-3.0-r190 (7.1.0) - Adds new World of Warcraft: Legion (7.1.0) content
      • Paths Changed:
           M /trunk/LibTourist-3.0.lua
           M /trunk/LibTourist-3.0.toc

        - renamed Helmouth Cliffs into Maw of Souls
        - added Maw of Souls
        - added map ID for Eye of Azshara to lookup table
        - updated TOC to 70100

    • Changed Interface version to WoW Patch 7.1.0:
      • Updated TOC File to 70100


  • Updated Libraries:
    • LibTourist 3.0-r186 (7.0.3) - Adds new World of Warcraft: Legion (7.0.3) content:
    • (Corrected levels for Darkheart Thicket, Eye of Azshara, Halls of Valor and Neltharion's Lair: was 100-110, now 98-110)

Build: 7.0.3

  • Changed Interface version to WoW Patch 7.0.3:
    • Updated TOC File
    • Add-on no longer registers as "Out of Date" from UI
  • Updated Libraries:


Know Issues / Bugs


(*) Incorrect level display for Shadowmoon Valley and Nagrand - Showing as (Outland) not (Draenor) 

Currently working to resolve this issue


Incident Report / Issues


If you experience any issues with this update, please enter a ticket with the link listed below or the "Ticket" button at the top right of this page.

Previous Builds

Titan Panel [RecZone] Reborn / Titan Panel [RecZone] - Authors and Updaters:

  • Robert Jernberg (Build 1.0 - 2.0*) - TRZ Reborn
  • Thomas G (Updated Build 2.0) - TRZ Reborn
  • Colin Hamilton (Updated Build 2.0.3) - TRZ Reborn
  • Chrisser000 (Update Build 2.3.0) - TRZ Reborn
  • EvilUnloaded (Update Build 7.0.3) - TRZ Reborn {Current}


!! I am not the original Author of this Add-on !!
I am, as you are, a fan of this add-on. So I had to do something when it no longer worked for the new Legion 7.0.3 Expansion.

"I will update what I can, where I can, for as long as I can."


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