MinimapButtonBag cleans up your Minimap and relocates the buttons in a menu bar. You can still access them through a single minimap button.

If you want to reattach a button to the minimap just use Ctrl + Right click on it.

Use Ctrl + Right click again on the button to put it back into the bar.

Or hold the Ctrl key down and move the mouse cursor over the button. A button to add or remove will appear over that button.

Use Right click on the MinimapButtonBag button to open the options dialog.

This mod is inspired by http://ui.worldofwar.net/ui.php?id=2783. Thanks to Aaron Griffith for his great work.

Known Bugs with this version

   - unfortunately the button of CTMod2 is nameless.
     You have to edit the CT_Core\CT_Core.lua file and change line 112 from:
    minimapFrame = module:getFrame(minimapFrameSkeleton);
     minimapFrame = module:getFrame(minimapFrameSkeleton, nil, "CTMod2_MinimapButton");
     That\'s the only way.
   - The Gatherer button has the same problem as the CTMod2 button. Edit the Gatherer\GatherMiniIcon.lua file and change line 33 from:

local miniIcon = CreateFrame("Button", "", Minimap); to local miniIcon = CreateFrame("Button", "GathererMinimapButton", Minimap);