BGAssist (continued)

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This is a continued version of the original BGAssist by Saien (

Useful stuff for Battlegrounds.

* Autojoin Battlegrounds
* Autorez while in Battleground
* Alterac Valley: Autocomplete turn in quests
* Alterac Valley: Shows timer countdowns of how much time left before Graveyard/Tower captures
* Shows items in inventory waiting turn in
* BGAssist window shows when inside Battlegrounds
* Click and drag titlebar to move.
* Right click titlebar to bring up selection menu

Targetting assistance: (New in 2005.08.13)

* When visible will list targets of other members of your raid
* Does NOT list anybody not targetted by members of your raid. Specifically it does not scan the area, nor does it take the scoreboard opponent list and look forthose people. Do not ask for these things. Methods to do this will stop working in 1.7 anyways.
* Targets are sorted by number of people in your raid targetting that person. Most number targetting sorted to top of the list
* Only 10 targets are listed, even in AV
* Both your raid member and their target has to be within your 'field of interest', which is under game control
* Class icon included on target panel for quick identification
* Click target panel to target that unit, or cast a spell and click target panel to direct spell at that unit
to bring up the mod outside a BG bind a key in the WOW key binding options
when you switch directly from one bg to another you must reset the addon!
just type "/bga reset" in the console
type "/bga center" to reset position if it was "out of screent"


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