This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


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I've stopped updating this site. For the latest on all MarsMods go to There you can find:
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Ever go to Zul'gurub using Group Loot and see about 5 pages worth of loot messages scroll by for each item that drops and wonder if there wasn't a better way? Ever wanted to click greed, but wanted to first make sure someone else didn't incorrectly "accidentally" click need for an item they can't use? Ever have trouble digging through tons of messages to figure out what's happening when three items are being rolled on simultaneously?

MarsNeedyGreedy was designed for just those kinds of situations. It adds a draggable (by the title bar) window that summarizes loot messages as they happen. It will tell you how many people selected need, how many selected greed, and how many passed. It will also tell you how many people total have bid so far. It will also tell you whether the item is still being rolled for or else who won the item. Holding down CTRL and mousing over any of these stats shows a tooltip telling you the names of the people who bid or passed on that item and how they bid. Holding down CTRL and mousing over the item link will show a tooltip for that item. The item link can also be clicked, shift-clicked, and ctrl-clicked resulting in the standard behavior (e.g. opening the dressing room).

MarsNeedyGreedy will keep a record of all loot received in your current session and you can scroll back through the list to see past winners. To reset the list, use "/mng reset". To get a summary, use "/mng summary".

For summary purposes, you can mark items in the history with a star or with a "C". All crafted items come pre-marked with a "C". All other items come unmarked. Items marked with a "C" do not show up in the summary. Items marked with a star show up in a separate section of the summary. To mark an item with a star, CTRL-ALT-Click on the item. To mark an item with a "C", CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-Click on the item.

MarsNeedyGreedy will not turn off the system loot messages, so you will still see all those go by by default. If you want to turn off the system loot messages (so you can read raid chat), that can be accomplished in the normal way by un-checking the loot option in your chat configuration popup menu.

Extended options can be reached by typing "/marsneedygreedy" or "/mng". Such options include transparency settings and loot thresholds. To use the "Toggle MarsNeedyGreedy Show" keyboard shortcut, you need to open the keybinding menu and define keys in the MarsNeedyGreedy Bindings section.


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