This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

PackRat is intended for the adventurer who wants to know what loot to trash when bags get full. It is a price tracker only. It was made with the focus of creating the smallest data set possible. It tracks items by ID, not name, making for a smaller data footprint. It does not store items that have no value, such as quest items. Also, it allows for ignoring items by specific quality (color).

************ WARNING TO UPGRADERS *************
Two things:
- Make sure you backup your SavedVariables.lua file. There were data changes, tested well, but it's best to be safe.
- If you had any rarity (quality) settings, you will need to reapply them. Also note that the word 'quality' is used instead of 'rarity' now in PackRat to be more consistent with normal game usage.

- Displays prices in the tooltip of your bags when not at a merchant.
- Very small data storage imprint.
- Several display options for format and colorization of the price.
- Filter out the collection of items by qualities you don't care to track.

/packrat or /rat

Command Options:
- ?: More detailed usage information: enter ? or ? <option>
- enable: Enable PackRat
- disable: Disable PackRat
- report: Display a list of PackRat's current settings
- color: Change the price coloring options. Options are: multi | none | solid
- format: Change the tooltip price display. Options are: coins | num | text
- clear: Clear items of a specific quality or all items from the database. Options are: all | poor | common | uncommon | rare | epic | legendary | artifact
- quality : Toggle on or off the tracking of items of a specific quality. Options are: all | poor | common | uncommon | rare | epic | legendary | artifact

- Derkyle for his ItemsMatrix which I referenced on how to collect merchant prices.
- Kalia and Rowne for their testing and feedback.


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