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60 Downloads Updated Oct 20, 2019 Created Oct 20, 2019

enables auto loot for Pick Pocket, Disenchant, Milling and Prospecting

23.8K Downloads Updated Jun 27, 2015 Created Sep 8, 2012

This will record and report glyph needs to an active inscriptionist (Scribe for all you...

4K Downloads Updated Jun 23, 2015 Created Feb 8, 2015

Spammable Prospecting/Milling Button. Super Lightweight!

2.7K Downloads Updated Mar 21, 2017 Created Jul 1, 2014

LDB data source for ink and pigment tracking.

1.2K Downloads Updated Oct 20, 2015 Created Jul 30, 2015


3.1K Downloads Updated Jul 30, 2015 Created Jun 5, 2015

Addon pour aider à la calligraphie, en créant des macros de plante à moudre