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Profession Shopping List allows you to track recipes, and it shows you the materials you need to craft them. It does not replace the profession windows, it only adds a few buttons and a tracking window.


  • Track recipes and get a list of needed reagents;
  • Add recipes for craftable reagents;
  • Untrack recipes after crafting them;
  • Tooltip information for tracked reagents;
  • Recipe cooldown reminders;
  • Copy tracked reagents to the Auctionator import window;
  • Buttons for Cooking Fire, Chef's Hat, Thermal Anvil, Forge of Light, and Alvin the Anvil;
  • Quick order button, to instantly create personal crafting orders;
  • Repeat last order, to place another order. And another one. And another one;
  • Profession Knowledge tracker;
  • Automatically set vendors' filter to 'All';
  • Split bag count to accommodate the reagent bag;
  • And probably more! I don't update this often enough.
    Check the window headers and settings for all features, mouse interactions, and chat commands!

If you are experiencing issues

  • Use /psl clear. Sometimes stuff gets stuck, or old data needs to be cleared;
  • If the issues persist or you have other feedback, feel free to join the All The Things Discord and ask in the #profession-shopping-list Retail channel, or create a ticket on GitHub. :)

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