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Pro Enchanters

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Manage enchanting requests easily with a work order system that allows you to keep track of items traded and enchants completed. Quick click buttons that can share the mats required or cast enchanting spells so you no longer need the enchanting trade skill frame open, Auto response messages and more.

Basic guide for usage:

Open the main window with "/pe", use "/pehelp" for a better usage guide which includes sub guides for the specific parts of the addon such as the main window, enchants window, and settings window.

In the main window:

Create work orders based on customer names, whichever customer is in the text box is considered the focused work order. Click on the enchants on the right side to add them as requested enchants to that players work order. Shift+click to link materials required, ctrl+click to remove, and alt+click or alt+ctrl+click to add/remove to your current trade target if you're in a trade.

Filter the enchants on the right hand side by any of the letters in their name, ie the word Bracer will show all Bracers or the word Stamina will show all enchants that have the word Stamina in their name.

If you have many work orders open at once, entering the players name of the work order you wish to find and hitting Create again will instead scroll to the correct work order.

Click on the top title main window names to minimize the window, you can also disjoin the enchant window and place it separately.

In the work orders
Click the players name on the work order to set it as the focused work order, this is required if you want to click and add enchant requests or remove enchant requests. Clicking the "Req Mats" button will send a message with all the required mats based on the requests enchants in that work order. Shift click will send a message with all of the requested enchants as a summary. Click the x to close the work order. If a player returns during the current session and opens another work order with you their previous trade history will be displayed, however this does not persist between play sessions.

In the trade window
List of requested enchants below the trade window for quick reference. Quick enchant buttons on the right of the trade window. Requested enchants will be prioritized to the bottom however once a player puts an item up (ie boots)" it will add the rest of the available boot enchantments above. Click the name on enchant quick reference window to focus that users work order or alt+click to add requested enchants directly to your current trade partners work order without changing your current work order focus.

This includes 132 vanilla enchanting recipes and the 2 new SoD enchanting recipes coming in phase 2. Based on the available recipes on Wowhead for classic

If you find any issues please join the discord and post about it so I can resolve it, thanks!

If you enjoy the add-on and would like to show some support and help me spend more time working on it you can do so below

List of slash commands

/pe or /proenchanters to start
/pehelp or /proenchantershelp for basic addon usage guide