Premade Groups Filter

898,585 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 14, 2019 Game Version: 8.2.0

Premade Groups Filter helps you limit the search results of the LFG Premade Groups tool. You can filter by difficulty or for groups with a specific composition of members, e.g. one tank, no heals and 3 dps. Filtering is done using a separate window next to the list of groups. Advanced users are able to enter powerful filter expressions to find exactly what they are looking for.

Examples of what can easily be found with Premade Groups Filter:

  • mythic dungeon groups that still need a healer
  • raids that have not yet defeated any bosses and already have more than 10 members and an item level requirement of 850
  • PvP groups with an honor level requirement and voice chat



You think the addon is really great and want to support its development?

  • report bugs and include steps how to reproduce the bug (screenshots also help a lot!)
  • if you're good at programming, send a pull request on GitHub
  • send me game time


  • thanks to yuk6196 for koKR
  • merci à cacahuete586 pour frFR
  • thanks to gaspy10 for zhTW
  • Благодарность IngZG за ruRU
  • gracias a peti446 por esES


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