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Premade Applicants Filter helps you limit the visible applicants of the LFG Premade Groups tool. When creating a premade group for a popular activity such as the latest raid or a high mythic plus dungeon, group leaders find themselves with a lot of applicants. Those applicants have to be checked manually for role, class, item level and other external metrics such as a Raider.IO rating. Premade Applicants Filter aims to help group leaders by filtering out applicants that do not match the required criteria.

Premade Applicants Filter in Action



With Premade Applicants Filter, is is e.g. possible to ...

  • hide damage dealers when the group already contains enough DPS: not some("dps")
  • show only applicants that apply for a tank or heal role or are a ranged class: all("tank or heal or ranged")
  • filter players by region, e.g. when playing in Australia or New Zealand (requires separate Premade Regions addon): all("oce")
  • hide players that do not have the required Raider.IO (requires separate addon) rating: all("rio > 1000 or riomain > 1000")


Other addons providing data

The following addons can be used together with Premade Applicants Filter and provide data for additional keywords:

  • Premade Regions: a useful addon for Oceanic players showing region information in the group and applicants listings
  • Raider.IO: group leader rating can be used for filtering groups





You think the addon is really great and want to support its development?

  • report bugs and include steps how to reproduce the bug (screenshots also help a lot!)
  • if you're good at programming, send a pull request on GitHub
  • send me game time