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Uploaded by sylvanaar
Uploaded Jan 6, 2011
Game Version 4.0.3a
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2011-01-07  sylvanaar  <sylvanaar>

[bc59b4440ba0] [tip]
* addon/addon.lua

fix return value from filters run from wim when a messsage is filtered to be empty string not boolean

2011-01-06  sylvanaar  <sylvanaar>

* addon/addon.lua

address #500 with WIM and Prat interacting with the message filters. Not sure if this resolves all cases, but it should resolve the error reported on #500

2010-12-30  sylvanaar  <sylvanaar>

* .hgtags:

Added tag 3.4.14 for changeset 4b590fb7fef7

2010-12-29  sylvanaar  <sylvanaar>

[4b590fb7fef7] [3.4.14]
* modules/Search.lua

honor the disabled/enabled setting

* modules/AltNames.lua

fix yet another nil string from GetGuildRosterInfo while zoning

* modules/Search.lua

clean up the code a little

* modules/Search.lua

localize messages

* modules/Search.lua

add options localization to the search module

* pullouts/Prat-3.0_Experimental/Experimental.lua

save the experimental prototype work

* modules/Search.lua

better looking search results

* modules/Search.lua

print to the same chatframe that was searched

* modules/Search.lua modules/includes.xml

add search module

2010-12-26  sylvanaar  <sylvanaar>

* modules/AltNames.lua

fix another case of nil string from the guild api when zoning

2010-12-25  sylvanaar  <sylvanaar>

* modules/AltNames.lua

fix potential nil error when zoning and auto import from guild notes is on

2010-12-24  sylvanaar  <sylvanaar>

* modules/AltNames.lua

fix potential nil error when zoning and auto import from guild notes is on

2010-12-15  sylvanaar  <sylvanaar>

* services/print.lua

the print command should be using the addon table, not the old namespace

* debug/printliteral.lua

The debug tools are not part of the main prat addon, so they can't use the addon table from ... (duh)

* modules/AltNames.lua

only listen for libalts changes when enabled

2010-12-06  sylvanaar  <sylvanaar>

* modules/Substitutions.lua

fix the %zon (zone) substitution

2010-12-01  sylvanaar  <sylvanaar>

* addon/options.lua

fix appearance of module control. get rid of radio buttons.

2010-11-22  sylvanaar  <sylvanaar>

* .hgtags:

Added tag 3.4.13 for changeset 5e72f310f72a

[5e72f310f72a] [3.4.13]
* modules/UrlCopy.lua

fix ticket #486, need to use the additional parameter in setitemref

* modules/AltNames.lua

fix other nil errors that occur due to auto update of alt names while changing zones

2010-11-21  sylvanaar  <sylvanaar>

* modules/AltNames.lua

fix an observed nil error

* modules/AltNames.lua

apply orionshock's patch

2010-11-19  sylvanaar  <sylvanaar>

* modules/CustomFilters.lua

support WHISPER_INFORM in customfilters

* Merge

2010-11-17  sylvanaar  <sylvanaar>

* Prat-3.0.toc

for Ackis

2010-11-15  sylvanaar  <sylvanaar>

* Prat-3.0.toc

oops forgot to credit the creator of the new chatcopy icons

* .hgtags:

Added tag 3.4.12 for changeset f3399a628ecc

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