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Uploaded by sylvanaar
Uploaded Oct 29, 2010
Game Version 3.0.9
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2009-02-08  sylvanaar  <sylvanaar@5c0c6b0c-531f-4792-90f6-9befda5a6eed>

[a93042d20eae] [3.0.2b2]
* addon/locales.lua debug/printliteral.lua modules/PlayerNames.lua services/print.lua

More changes to printing functions. some changes to playernames: cleaned up some code, try to work better with guild info, cache everyone so that guild members don't fall through for processing by wholib if it is available. Fixed up the invite links some more. Fixed some wierd case where playernames of "" were being bracketed on system messages. Added some more checks to player icons.

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