Power Auras Classic

6,382,113 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 2, 2011 Game Version: 4.3.0

5.0 Announcement (Important)

First off, the plan is for a release to be done on the Wednesday, as opposed to today. Thursday also remains a possible date if last issue bugs crop up. The reason for the delay from today is that I simply have too much work to do at the moment to realistically get a stable release done by tonight.

In addition I'm based in the EU and we're currently unsure if the live build is different from the current beta build. While it may not seem like an issue, there have been various client crashing bugs which we'd like to check out before a release to see if certain things need disabling, or can be safely re-enabled. There will however be a beta release in the interim.

Next up, I've come to a decision that might annoy people: 4.x auras will NOT be upgraded to 5.0. While the code was somewhat implemented, there's a significant amount of issues which would, in the end, hold back the release. Some of these issues are just bugs, but some are due to the sheer number of design changes between the two versions.

I've weighed up how this change will affect people and came to the conclusion based upon the following:

  • A lot of class systems have changed in MoP, so auras relating to them would almost certainly need reconfiguring anyway. It's easier to start from scratch than dealing with a possibly broken and buggy upgrade system - one that could have silently crippled the aura in unknown ways.
  • Existing 4.x import strings are dated anyway, and are also subject to the above rule. Most of them wouldn't work as intended.
  • I don't have anywhere near enough test data to adequately feed to the system, and I don't have the time nor manpower to say 'this upgrade processed perfectly'.
  • There's no 1:1 mapping of old systems to new ones. Everything is trigger/action based under the hood, which made upgrades very difficult to process because everything was fairly static in the old version. Some settings might have been cut, and some may be missing.

I may revert this change in the future - what will happen is your current settings won't be deleted, they'll just be unused. That way if I do reimplement migration in the future, it'll work.

As for future releases, the plan is this:

  • Do a 5.0 release on the Wednesday or Thursday.
  • Collect feedback from users. I'm fully open and receptive to constructive feedback and criticism, and I'm more than happy to make changes and fix the issues as they come along. To do this however, I need open communication between myself and you. I'm not a mind reader, so stating the problem clearly and without frothing at the mouth is required for anything to be done about it.
  • Work on a 5.1 feature release, hopefully before the 25th of September. This will include some of the cut features like Tutorials, additional trigger and action types, etc. Any significant UI changes will be pushed to this release.