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Version 4.15 (alpha 2)

Note that this is an alpha release, it is very likely to have some major issues. Use this only if you intend on testing and providing feedback.

Debuff ID Fixes

  • Lots of class debuff ID's have been added, credit goes to Vaugn2 for assisting us greatly with this.

Patch 4.1 PTR Compatibility

  • Note that there is an outstanding bug regarding animations on the PTR, which appear to flicker every so often. To work around this, use the Old Animations checkbox in your auras.

Version 4.15 (alpha)

Note that this is an alpha release, it is very likely to have some major issues. Use this only if you intend on testing and providing feedback.

Buff Type

  • Ability to activate aura based on a buff type.

Wider Stack Digits

  • Stacks can now be displayed in their original sizing format - check the "Wider Digits" box to do so.

Debuff ID Fixes

  • Plenty of debuffs are now correctly classified as CC/Silence/Snare/etc.

Export Improvements

  • Export dialog will now display a reason for transfer failure.
  • Export dialog will also now display a counter for the 10/30 second timeout, and will work properly if the dialog is closed.

Version 4.14

Stacks Display

  • Stacks can now show absolutely any number of stacks - no limitation.

Bug Fixes

  • Nil error on selecting custom texture checkbox.
  • Stacks now scale properly.

Version 4.13

Ingame Aura Sharing

  • Ingame aura sharing, use the export buttons and choose the player to send your aura/set to
  • Block incoming auras setting in ESC>>Interface>Addons>>PAC

Stacks Display

  • Stacks can now show up to 999.


  • Russian translations (thanks Владимир Средних)

Bug Fixes

  • Nil error
  • All sounds should now use the Master channel

Version 4.12

Bug Fixes

  • Nil error
  • Asian localisation issue
  • Druids' Magic Mushroom now correctly treated as a totem

Version 4.11

Bug Fixes

  • PathToAuras issue
  • Localisation issue
  • Sounds now play on master channel
  • Reset position button now works

Version 4.10

Custom Sounds/Textures

  • Global settings for custom sounds and aura textures, you can now put your sounds and textures outside of the main directory to prevent issues with auto updaters.

Aura Moving

  • Move auras with the mouse (+ cursor keys when pointer over aura), added lock button

Bug Fixes

  • OwnSpell renamed SpellCooldown
  • Spell-id matching when not in spell-book
  • Erroneous matching when similar names
  • Timer invert issue
  • Old style imports now work again

Version 4.9

Bug Fixes

  • Initialisation bug - PAC would sometimes seem like it wasn't working at all on first load

Version 4.8

Bug Fixes

  • Timer invert Below / Hide above was broken
  • Timer invert Below / Hide above was not being exported

Version 4.7

Combo Points

  • Removed druid form restriction on combo points

Bug Fixes

  • Delete/Move bug (oops sorry)
  • Stacks not hiding properly when in a multi-aura chain

Version 4.6


  • Russian locale - thanks to Jakov
  • Chinese locale (zhTW) - thanks to 吳宗欽


  • Optimizations for speed


  • GTFO - Friendly fire

Bug Fixes

  • Pet happiness (see wiki)
  • Slot Aura crash
  • Text aura updating
  • Purgeable Spells
  • %INT substitution in text auras

Version 4.5

Spell Cooldowns

  • Can now track pet spell cool-downs via SpellCooldown aura

Spell Alerts

  • Spell alerts on instant spell can set the duration on the animation tab


  • Mana and Health now have better default icons

PvP Flag

  • Self PvP flag can now show timer

Bug Fixes

  • Transparency on some auras
  • Global sliders too long
  • Do not show instant spells as interruptable

Version 4.4

Bug Fixes

  • Crash with badly formatted multi-ids

Version 4.3

Bug Fixes

  • False positive matches when using SpellIds and MySpellCooldowns
  • Sometimes linked auras would get missed if inactive
  • Purgeable spells logic rewritten
  • Stealable spells logic rewritten
  • GCD spell ids updated

Version 4.2

New Textures

  • 8 missing Blizzard Power Aura textures added

Bug Fixes

  • False positive matches when using SpellIds
  • Mana update issue

Version 4.1

Bug Fixes

  • Druid spammage - sorry dudes!

Version 4.0

Added Textures

  • Blizzard Power Aura textures added (145-177)

UI Updates

  • +/- buttons added to size slider
  • Timer invert slider increased to 600s

Bug Fixes

  • Import bug for tri-state booleans
  • Eclipse now works (separate checks for Lunar and Solar)
  • Druid detection when < level 10