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Add support for Pet items to Quick Attach

#289 By  Patrontruck

Created Jun 5, 2022 Updated Aug 7, 2022

Assigned to  zimzarina

Is there a way to add a custom item to the Quick Mail feature?


Specifically, I send all of my "Polished Pet Charm" item ID: 163036 and "Shiny Pet Charm" Item ID: 116415 to my bank toon, and would like to be able to add it to the "Other" Quick Mail tab.


Is this somehow possible?


Patrontruck   added a tag
  Jun 5, 2022
Jul 13, 2022

I like this idea and can see definite use for it. The quick attach feature is based on a WoW API that Blizzard supplies that filters crafting mats by type. Doing pets items would require building an equivalent filter for pet's items which is a bit more work but should be reasonable to do. I have updated this issues title to more accurately reflect this work.  I am going to consider adding this feature request.

Jul 13, 2022

Another person Zysis had this same type of idea.  I am adding there suggestion below to this thread for tracking.

Zysis comment was:  "I have a suggestion for a really nice QoL improvement for those of us with many alts- a pet tab to send all tokens, bandages etc to one character. I tend to spend and batlle on the one toon and it would be nice to have a little paw on the right pane to send all the things to a selected toon."


Aug 7, 2022

I agree, this would be such a great addition. I LOVE the Trade/Crafting option and use it all the time a Pet Battle equivalent would make me so happy.

I usually search for Battle" and "Pet" and send those things. Almost all of them are Blizzard Account bound, so easily mailed to other characters.

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