You may enable/disable each module in the AddOn settings.


Backpack Item Tracker

Track stackable items on the Bag UI as if they were currencies. Holiday tokens are automatically tracked and pinned to the left.

The top-tier Dreaming Crest you have earned will be pinned to the bar.


Dragonriding Race Dialog

Replace the default dialog icon with the medal you earn. It may take a brief moment to acquire your records when you interact with the NPC.


Quick Slot: Dreamseeds

Show a list of buttons for Dreamseed when approaching Emerald Bounty Soil.


Map Pin: Dreamseeds

Show Dreamseed Soil's locations and their Growth Cycles on the world map.


Choice UI: Dreamseed Nurturing

Replace the default Dreamseed Nurturing UI with a less view-blocking one, so you'll be able to see the timer directly as well as the surroundings.

Display the numbers of the required items you own.

You can auto-contribute Emerald Drewdrop by clicking and holding the button.


Navigator: Dreamseeds

Use the Waypoint system to guide you to the Dreamseeds so you don't need to open your map constantly.

This module is disabled by default and you can enable it in the addon settings.



Handy Lockpick for Rogue & Mechagnome

You can right click a lockbox in your bag or Trade UI to unlock it directly.


Auto Join Time Rift

Auto select (Begin Time Rift) when you interact with Soridormi during the event.


Event Toast Fix

Modify the behavior of Event Toasts so they don't consume your mouse clicks and prevent you from moving the camera.

Allow you to Right-click on the toast and close it immediately.


Talking Head

Replace the default Talking Head UI with a clean, headless one.

You can hide the transcription if it's from a World Quest or you're in an instance.


Merchant Price

Show all required items in the coin box.

Grey out only the insufficient currencies.