This addon, as it exists now, only goes to profession level 600. I am currently working on an update and may be releasing a beta soon. I have a few items left to test, and I will be updating the data for the guide during the beta. TRANSLATORS: I need the French and German translations checked. I believe I am done recreating the localization, so please feel free to update.


  • Guide data for Cooking and First Aid updated
  • data added for reagents and alternate recipes
  • addon updated to accept new data format
  • added color to quest titles and a new vendor model for quest and vendor tooltips
  • added shopping list of all needed reagents
  • added alternative recipe list for when you get stuck
  • added reagents to recipes you have not yet learned so you can plan ahead
  • added instructions for Draenor.

To Do

  • test changes and additions.
  • update guide data

If you want this addon in your own language, please send a translation or edit the localization at CurseForge

About PLG

Profession Leveling Guide (PLG) is an in-game, load on demand guide to help you level your professions faster. The addon loads with the WoW professions tradeskills window. PLG will suggest a recipe that uses the fewest or cheapest materials that will give you the most skillups. It will tell you what to make, how many to make, if you need to keep them for the next recipe, where to get the recipe, and when to see your trainer. No complicated setup, no options, just load and go.

New In This Release

  • Updated blacksmithing, cooking, enchanting data.
  • Removed level restrictions.
  • Temporarily removed reagent Tracker.

PLG Features

  • Addon creates a new window to display leveling guide.
  • Addon Displays a recipe to make and sometimes suggests an alternate.
  • Addon displays a color bar under each recipe showing the difficulty level
  • Addon will list reagents needed once a recipe has been learned.
  • Reagents will display the total needed to get to the next recipe.
  • Addon will display text at the top of the window when it's time to visit your trainer.
  • Each new recipe will be selected in your tradeskill window.
  • If you have not learned a recipe, the addon will direct you to your trainer or the vendor who sells the recipe.
  • If a recipe must be obtained from a specific vendor, the addon will list the vendor name, zone, and coordinates in the vendor icon tooltip.
  • If a recipe must be obtained from a specific quest chain, the addon will list the quest, questgiver, zone, and coordinates in the quest icon tooltip.
  • If a quest chain has a prerequisite quest, that quest will be listed as well.
  • Clicking on a quest or vendor icon link will set a waypoint in Carbonite or TomTom if either are installed.
  • Addon only uses about 300k of Memory.
  • Clicking the help icon at the top right of the window will give you tips for a profession, and tips for using the guide.
  • Addon will not display if a profession is fully leveled.
  • (removed) Addon adds missing reagents for the current recipe to the WoW Quest Tracker.
  • (removed) Reagent tracking can be turned on or off at the bottom of the guide window, or in the Objectives menu in the Quest Tracker.
  • (removed) Reagents in the Quest Tracker will display below all other quests.

Supported Languages

  • English
  • German (by Laurenz2016)

Supported Addons

  • TradeSkillDW
  • TradeskillHD
  • DoubleWideTradeSkills
  • Skillet
  • EnhancedTradeSkillUI

PLG Notes

  • Always remember this is just a guide. If there is an orange recipe that works better and you have the materials, use it. And then let me know..
  • Please submit any bugs or glitches on CurseForge, and not in the comments.
  • If any Recipes/Patterns are incorrect, or another pattern works better for a particular level, please send me the information and I'll update the addon.
  • If anyone would like to provide translations, all the text can be located in the PLG\Localization\enUS.lua file or in the project localization area.
  • If PLG is not working with your TradeSkill addon, let me know and I'll try to support it.