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Uploaded by Terciob
Uploaded Apr 25, 2022
Game Version 1.14.3  
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- Ensure NPC renaming is exported/imported properly.
- Ghost Auras will now properly check for applied player spells.
- NPC Colors export/import now covers renaming as well and renamed NPCs are kept in cache for exported profiles.
- Fixing Combo Points not showing properly on personal bar without any target.
- Fixing NPC Colors tab model viewer zoom functionality.
- Fixing Kyrian combo point charges and DK runes CDs showing if 'show background' was disabled.
- Fixing an issue with cast colors exports.
- Ensure npc renaming sticks through internal updates.
- Fixing URL pointing towards the script/mod documentation.
- Changing the aura tracking backend to update only when needed.

- Added new indicator: Shield Bar.