Plater Nameplates

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Uploaded by Terciob
Uploaded Mar 21, 2022
Game Version 2.5.3  
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MD5 00371a7bf351ba5da6882baa3dd96809
Supported WoW Burning Crusade Classic Versions


- Fixed an issue with the resources on the Plater resource bar not updating properly when disabling the 'Show Background' option.
- Ensure occlusion alpha is not overwritten by no combat alpha setting.
- NPC Colors list should be auto filled with Thorgast NPCs.

- Cast Colors options now actually changes the color of the cast bar, the old design now shows the original color of the cast.
- Buff List and Npc Colors tab now show on the top entries from last segment, they are also highlight with yellow color.
- Added 'Rename To' field on Npc Colors, use it to quick rename npcs.
- Added Ghost Auras, ghost auras adds an extra icon to indicate a missing debuff on an enemy.
- Added new script for the new Affix on Mythic+.