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Uploaded by Terciob
Uploaded Feb 23, 2022
Game Version 9.2.0  
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- Font path fixed for 'Nueva Std Cond'.

- Additional work on resources.
- 9.2 TOC update.
- Fixing an issue with script icons breaking under some circumstances.
- NPC Colors search should no longer break when the zone or name of an npc are unknown.
- Small fixes for DK resource color.
- Range check range setting should not reset when selecting a range which is not native to your class/spec spells.
- Changing TBC max nameplate distance option to the correct value.
- Updating TOC for classic/tbc versions.
- Fixing aura frame alpha settings for target/range alpha.
- Adding some missing functions to the scripting api list.
- 'CreateFlash' API now handles color alpha values correctly.
- Shaman elementals should now properly be recognized as pets.