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Plater mods and scripts now have options!
Mod/Script authors can add custom options to their creations and user can change the values to their liking through a new options menu.
All user values are persisted in the profile and will not be changed when the mod/script is updated.
Currently the following options are implemented: Text, Color, Number, Toggle, Options Label and Options Blank Line.

The options value can be accessed in code via the 'modTable.config' table with the option key, e.g. 'modTable.config["option1"]'
For an example, please have a look at the following Mod:

Shout out to Ora from for the support on the wago side for this new feature!

- Implementation of the Mod / Script options menus
- DF Library Update

- Mod / Script options integration
- Fixing Buff Speacial tracking being case sensitive
- Profile updates through WA-Companion app will keep mods/scripts which are not part of the profile
- Fixing an issue with reputation standing being shown on friendly npcs when color blind mode is enabled
- Bugfix for boolean options in mods/scripts