Last Updated: Dec 19, 2016 Game Version: 7.1.0


Dec 13, 2016

Owner: chub28

I havent updated this in a long time, since I stopped playing the game. I understand theres been many changes in the game since, and a lot of things no longer work. Feel free to keep using for what it does do, but unfortunately I wont be fixing any of the issues that currently.


A tracker to count all the chances you have had at a legendary item. It will reset after you have won a new legendary.


  • Tracks chances from all legendary loot sources
  • Shares legendary chance counter data with your guild
  • Resets when you receive a legendary item.

Tracking Sources

  • Dungeon bosses
  • Raid bosses
  • Mythic + chests
  • Emissary quest chests
  • Weekly M+ chests
  • World bosses


PityMe will automatically track all legendary chances in the background. To view your chances totals, or your guilds chances, you can type:


/pityme log

This will show you a window with your current chances since your last legendary. 

/pityme guild

This will show a window with all your guild mates running the addon, and their current chance count.


To Do

  • Consolidate all windows into a single tabbed window
  • Create a log that shows history all all your legendary items, and how many chances you took to get each one. Do the same for your guild. 
  • Track PVP events for legendaries. 
  • Use data history to give you a rough indicative percentage chance of a legendary.

Alpha Versions

I release more regular alpha versions which might contain some experimental things, or testing new features. If you want to have your curse client get these make sure you set this addons preferred release type to alpha.


Known issues

I've had reports of the weekly m+ chest not tracking correctly. 

Raid bosses not tracking correctly in some cases


Feedback and enhancement suggestions welcome! Please add a comment below with any bugs or feature requests. 


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