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Please note that PitBull3 is no longer being actively developed. On top of lack of active development itself, it's based on the Rock framework which itself is no longer maintained either.

I strongly recommend that users migrate to PitBull4. You can not convert your config from PitBull3 and must reconfigure.

PitBull4 itself can be found at:

You can find guides for setting it up at:

And the FAQ here:

While PitBull4 is still in beta it is fully functional and has more features than PitBull3. It is actively developed on and bug fixes made regularly.

I do not plan on making any fixes to PitBull3 once Cataclysm releases. So you have plenty of time to make the migration.

Accepting paypal donations to ckknight@gmail.com

PitBull is a Unit Frames addon that provides maximal customization and undergoes rigorous efficiency testing. It is created in a modular framework, which allows for mulitple authors to put their skills to work creating this great project.

It has support for many different kinds of units: player, target, pet, pet's target, target of target, target of target of target, focus, focus' target, party, party pets, party targets, party pet targets, raid, raid pets, raid targets, main tanks, main tank targets, main assists, main assist targets, etc.

Note: Almost all texts are configurable using the LibDogTag-3.0 format. See http://old.wowace.com/wiki/LibDogTag-3.0 for details or type '/dog' in-game.


  • Aura - track any buffs or debuffs on the shown units. Also has the ability to highlight based on a curable debuff.
  • Banzai - highlight units that have threat on them.
  • BarFader - allow for smooth fading when units gain or lose health/mana.
  • CastBar - attach a cast bar to the applicable units: covers player, pet, party, target, focus, etc.
  • CombatIcon - show an icon when the unit is in combat.
  • CombatFader - fade unit out when out of combat.
  • CombatText - show realtime damage/healing text on the unit frame.
  • ComboPoints - for Rogues and Druids, show combo points.
  • DruidManaBar - for Druids, show a mana bar when in Cat/Bear form.
  • ExperienceBar - for the player and hunter pets, show an experience bar.
  • HealthBar - show current health.
  • HappinessIcon - show an icon on the pet frame to indicate its happiness.
  • HideBlizzard - hide unneeded Blizzard frames .
  • Highlight - show a highlight when hovering over a frame or targetting said frame.
  • LeaderIcon - show the leader of the party.
  • MasterLooterIcon - show the master looter of the raid.
  • Portrait - show a 3D, 2D, or class portrait.
  • PowerBar - show a mana/energy/focus/rage bar.
  • PvPIcon - show an icon when the unit is in PvP mode.
  • RaidTargetIcon - how the raid target icon (Skull/Triangle/etc.)
  • RangeCheck - fade the unit frame slightly when the unit is out of range.
  • ReadyCheckIcon - show Ready Check icon based on if the unit is ready or not.
  • ReputationBar - for the player, show a reputation bar.
  • RestIcon - show an icon if the player is resting.
  • Spark - Graceful display of energy ticks and the spellcasting five-second-rule.
  • ThreatBar - show a threat bar on the unit frame.
  • TotemTimers - shows Totem timers for the PitBull player frame.
  • VisualHeal - for healers, shows a bar showing the estimated heal amount while casting.
  • VoiceIcon - show an icon based on whether or not the unit is talking.

    Note: all modules can be enabled or disabled on-demand. Disabled modules don't take up any extra memory or CPU power.