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Tired of fiddly flyout menus to call your pets? Simply not enough key bindings for all the cuddly death machines? Don't want to name your pets Heroism or Battle Ress but are forgetting which one had that ability? Introducing PetMaster, the new favorite of every hunter.

With this addon a hunter can open up a simple dialog where they can search for and call their pets. Immediately when a match is found you can hit the enter once to confirm it is the right one and second time to call it. You can search for pets by their name, type abilities they have. Additionally searching for "active" will only result in currently active pets while "stabled" searches for all the pets you have tamed but aren't currently callable.

Unfortunately this addon only works with the English locale.


To begin with you must assign a key bind for the dialog. If one has not been set the addon should prompt for it. If not, go to the Key Bindings menu from the Game Menu (hint: press ESC) and then browse to AddOns category. From there you will find the option to bind a key.

After you are all set with the key binding you can hit it whenever you like provided you are only out of combat and search for the one that gives water walking and ride into the sunset!