Pet Battle HUD

Last Updated: Sep 6, 2016 Game Version: 7.0.3


Oct 31, 2012

Owner: SmashedJenkins

Pet Battle HUD

Pet Battle HUD

Pet Battle HUD is like player frames for your pet team. I made this addon because I kept getting into pet battles and my pets were either dead or had very low health. Now you have that information available at all times.

Coming soon

  • Use PetBattle Teams information to quickly change pet teams if you have that addon installed.
  • Lock Pet Battle HUD in place
  • Max, Medium, and Mini styles that will take up more or less screen area.
  • Heal pets buttons that will use the pet battle bandages, or global cooldown whichever is available.
  • Targetting system for minimap that will alert you if there is a pet you do not have available.


  • Updated for patch 6.0



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