A personal loot addon that allows people in your group, with or without PLT installed, to roll on your tradable items. Two types of rolls are supported (for example MS/OS or Need/Greed). You can also disable this and only allow people to roll for MS/Need. This is all customizable in the addon's settings.

All loot rolls are announced to the group and done through the in-game roll system so people without this addon installed can roll. Other players in your party who use the addon will get a roller window.


"/plt opt" will open the options window
"/plt [Item Link]" will pull up a trader window with the linked loot, if it is tradable.
"/plt prev" will open a trader window containing the previous looted tradable equipment, if one exists.
"/plt help" will show a list of these commands in game

UI Example

Start Roll

An "Auto" roll will start at "/roll 200" and increment by 100 for every other user currently doing a roll with this addon. Unchecking "Auto" will ask for a normal "/roll", but beware that rolls will be indistinguishable from another player doing a roll this way.

Pick Winner Window

Roll Sorting

Roll sorting shows the player's rolls so that you can easily choose a winner without worrying about looking at the chat and keeping track of who rolled what. Once a winner is chosen, a button that will allow you to follow and trade with the chosen winner will appear.

Group Chat Parsing

There is also an option to search party/raid chat for loot people are giving away. If someone links an item with the message "roll", "anyone need?", or a similar phrase then the item will be added to the roll window.

Loot Rolling


All messages and roll types are customizable in the options menu