Personal Loot Helper (PLH)

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PLH suggest to trade an item to myself

#35 By  Hemario

Created Sep 15, 2018 Updated Mar 18, 2019


<PLH> You can trade [Razdunk's Big Red Button (ILVL 252)], which is an ilvl upgrade for Senaeva (218)

However, I am Senaeva. It should not tell me to trade a piece to myself :)


I was wearing following trinkets:

Kil'jaeden's Burning Wish ILVL 265

Idol of Vol'jamba ILVL 218



Mar 18, 2019

This bug happened to me again today, its from 2018 but since its still open I'll just comment here. It offered me to trade [Crackling Jade Killij] to Miltink (myself), also I couldn't trade the item since it was an item level upgrade so it was soulbound anyway.

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