Personal Loot Helper (PLH)

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Didn't show window to offer loot

#25 By  mcremor

Created Jul 20, 2018 Updated Jul 21, 2018


So if I understand the description of the new behavior correctly, the addon should open a window to offer loot to other players after looting the boss. But when I just looted in LFR, I only got the message in the chat window that the following players have a lower item level (there were around 5). But no window was shown, I had to manually offer the item.


But the reverse situation, when I could use the loot of another player, worked fine on the next boss. So the window was shown where I could either pass or whisper.


This was with version 2.04.

Jul 20, 2018

When you loot a tradeable item, the window will only appear if there's another person in the group running PLH (or only if there's another person in the group running PLH for whom the item is an upgrade, if you checked that option on the config screen).  It's likely that there was nobody else in that LFR running PLH.


That said, I've been ridiculously unlucky testing this on live servers for myself...6 LFR bosses killed, not a single drop that I could trade.  /facepalm  So I'm going to keep this issue open for now until I can verify that the window does pop up in LFR as long as other people in the group are also running PLH.

Jul 20, 2018

Ok, this could indeed have been the case.


But how about still opening the window and just offering a chat option in that case? Something like "If you want %item /roll now" to instance chat on the click of a button.

Jul 21, 2018

Got the window to offer loot today, so I can at least confirm that it works sometimes ;)

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