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Starting with version 2.1, Pawn now includes custom advice for all 36 specs from Mr. Robot himself.


Pawn integrates with the new bag arrows feature in WoW 7.1 to help you find upgrades to your gear, even if they're not just a higher item level.


Pawn 2.0 will automatically select the scale for your current spec, so by default it will just give you suggestions for the way you're currently playing.  The simplified no-hassle annotations on your tooltips make it easy to see at a glance...


Pawn 2.0 still lets you fully customize what it suggests, including turning on multiple specs, importing stat weights from the internet, or starting from scratch.


You can use Pawn to quickly evaluate upgrades in AtlasLoot (and other loot mods) and build up your wish lists.


Pawn's in ur tooltipz helpin u decide what 2 spend ur dkp on


Pawn tells you which gems of each color are best for each of your specs.


Find upgrades for your alts' gear at the auction house using Pawn.  You can immediately see which items have a better combination of stats.


Pawn lets you create your own valuation scales with whatever stat values you like.


Pawn's quest advisor makes it easy to see which quest rewards are upgrades to your gear, or which useless item is worth the most money.


The loot upgrade advisor helps you know when you should roll on an item that drops in a dungeon right away.


Pawn lets you customize your tooltips the way you like them.


Pawn can tell you which gems will maximize an item's value for a specific purpose. It's smart enough to know when to keep socket bonuses and when to ignore them. It selects a gem quality level appropriate for the item level of the armor or weapon y...


Pawn's Compare tab.

Relic upgrades

Pawn 2.2 helps you find relic upgrades for your artifact weapons, regardless of which spec you're in.