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Localizing Pawn

Localizing Pawn works a little differently from other addons—Pawn simply won't work on languages other than the ones it's translated into. If you'd like to help get Pawn working in your favorite language, thanks!

The file Localization.lua that comes with Pawn contains all of the phrases that are necessary to make Pawn work in other languages. Those phrases are also listed here on CurseForge, on the Localization tab. I've divided them into sections, or "namespaces" as they're called on CurseForge:

  • Wowhead: These are the names of the Wowhead scales that come with Pawn. Since they'll show up on item tooltips and many other places in Pawn, I highly recommend that you translate these.
  • TooltipParsing: These are the bits of text on item tooltips that Pawn needs to be able to read stats on items. They're the most important thing to translate because without them being translated, Pawn won't work at all. Unfortunately, they're also the most difficult to translate. They need to be in a specific form—based on Lua pattern matching syntax, with # in the place of the number—and they need to match the text on item tooltips exactly or Pawn won't work. You can get an idea of how the text needs to be translated by taking a look at the English versions. (It's possible that your language needs more phrases than are available—if that's the case, let me know and I can work with you.) Example: "^%+# Bonus Armor$"
  • Things not in any namespace: This is general stuff that Pawn needs. Some of it is fairly important and some of it isn't, but Pawn won't break if it's not translated.
  • UI: These are the least important phrases, and there are a lot of them, and some of them are long. They aren't necessary for Pawn to work properly, but without them being translated, the Pawn UI will show up in English.

Take a look here for an idea of what sorts of things you'll need to translate.

To make changes, you have a couple options: you can make them right here on CurseForge's Localization tab (let me know if you want to be added as a translator for the project), or you can make them in Localization.lua and your changes can be imported into CurseForge later.

To test out your changes locally if you made them on CurseForge, use the Export feature. Use these settings:

  • Namespace: - Base namespace -
  • Format: Simple Lua table
  • Language: (your language)
  • Handle unlocalized: Show English
  • Handle subnamespaces: Show as a table

Then, when you click Export, you'll get a big block of code. That can be pasted into Localization.xxXX.lua right beneath "PawnLocal =". Then once you save that file and /reload WoW, you should see your changes.

If you have any questions, please let me know. Translating Pawn can be a pretty daunting task, but other players in your language will certainly appreciate it!

Thanks, —Vger