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Game Version 9.0.1
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Supported WoW Versions


Version 2.4.1

  • WoW Classic: Hopefully fixed an error that occurred when turning in a quest.

Version 2.4

  • Welcome to WoW 9.0 and the level squish! Pawn had to wipe its memory of everything it knew about your characters before the squish since none of that information is correct anymore, so for a little while it might show you upgrades that aren't actually upgrades until it learns about your sweet epics. This shouldn't last long, and will automatically resolve itself as you play.
    • This version is meant for WoW 9.0 (Shadowlands pre-patch) and WoW Classic only.
  • Pawn should give reasonable gem recommendations and calculations in this version, but I'll continue to refine them in the coming days to give more helpful suggestions at lower levels.
  • Default stat weights have not been updated. Players participating in high-level raiding may want to import custom weights from a simulator instead of using the built-in guidance.
  • The Corruption stat has been removed, since it no longer has any effect on your character and appears greyed out.
  • Fixed a problem where if a quest gave you a useful item and a junk item (such as a gray artifact power item from Legion), Pawn would sometimes fail to show upgrade arrows on the non-junk item.