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Version 2.2.46

  • If you've used an addon to hide item levels from your items, but still have Pawn's "show item level upgrades" option turned on (that's the default), Pawn will now show the item level increase at the bottom of the tooltip instead.
  • Fixed a problem where Pawn could forget your best items after logging out, if using the "track for each scale (advanced)" feature.

Version 2.2.45

  • Includes updated stat weights from Ask Mr. Robot for all classes and specs.

Version 2.2.44

  • Pawn will now show equippable items that are a higher item level than what you currently have as upgrades too, even if they aren't stat upgrades.  (You can turn this new behavior off on Pawn's Options tab.)
    • This feature currently doesn't take Unique-Equipped rings into account.  If you happen to equip two different item level copies of the same ring, Pawn could consider both of them your best two rings and thus "forget" about your previous second-best ring.
  • Some minor performance improvements when logging in.
  • Fixed a problem where characters with artifacts equipped could get upgrade recommendations for types of items they can't equip, such as wands for death knights.
  • Fixed a harmless error that appeared when logging in on a Russian client.
  • Lots of updated German translations, courtesy of SunnySunflow.

Version 2.2.43

  • Removed a harmless error that would occur when shift-right-clicking Pocket-Sized Computation Device.

Version 2.2.42

  • Added support for the new 60-stat epic gems from Nazjatar.