Last Updated: Jan 13, 2019 Game Version: 8.1.0


Jan 13, 2008

Owner: VgerAN

Version 2.2.34

  • Fixes to prevent errors involving "WorldMapTooltip" from occurring on WoW 8.1.5.

Version 2.2.33

  • Better compatibility with DejaCharacterStats.

Version 2.2.32

  • A debug-only option that I added long ago will now automatically turn itself off if you turned it on and then forgot about it.  ("Not caching because the item didn't have any stats" and other similar messages.)

Version 2.2.31

  • Fixed a problem that occurred on the Spanish (EU) version of WoW (not the Mexico version or other languages) where items with 1,000 or more of a stat were being evaluated incorrectly.

Version 2.2.30

  • Includes new, updated stat weights for all classes and specs from Ask Mr. Robot's simulations to give you better, more accurate advice in raids.

Version 2.2.29

  • Fixes for Brazilian Portuguese.

Version 2.2.28

  • Pawn will no longer suggest weapon upgrades for mistweaver monks as if they could dual-wield.
  • Adjusted gem recommendations.

Version 2.2.27

  • Pawn's relic upgrade features are now disabled by default, and I plan to remove them entirely in a future version.

Version 2.2.26

  • Items with sockets will now be valued somewhat higher than before, to account for the new gems in Battle for Azeroth jewelcrafting.
  • Fixed a problem where sometimes you'd get an error when looking at items that your PC hadn't downloaded the stats for yet.

Version 2.2.25

  • Fixed some more issues with artifact weapon level comparisons (notably, comparing versus the surprisingly crappy weapons you get during the Battle for Lordaeron questline).
  • Fixed the average item level display on the Inspect window when hovering over the Pawn button.

Version 2.2.24

  • When comparing an artifact weapon with a non-artifact weapon, Pawn now just shows upgrade arrows based on the item's level.  Artifact weapons are complicated, and this seemed like the most helpful and least confusing way to provide guidance.

Version 2.2.23

  • Fixed a bug where Pawn could skip one of your equipment sets when looking for your best-in-slot gear when the "upgrade comparisons: track for each scale" option was enabled.
  • Updated artwork.

Version 2.2.22

  • Pawn will no longer tell you that it's probably not worth your time putting gems in anything below ilvl 800.  (I changed the threshold to 153, and I'll change it again when BfA launches.)
  • Pawn will now show upgrades for your artifact weapons (and off-hands) on all level 110+ characters.
  • More gem updates in preparation for the Battle for Azeroth jewelcrafting recipes.

Version 2.2.21

  • New default stat weights for the Battle for Azeroth pre-patch 8.0 for all classes and specs!
  • Fixed some problems that occurred when the "Upgrade comparisons: Track for each scale" option was selected.

Version 2.2.20

  • More gem updates for the Battle for Azeroth item level squish.

Version 2.2.19

  • Updated for WoW 8.0 and the Battle for Azeroth item level squish.  Due to item level changes, gem recommendations may be a little strange at lower levels; let me know if you see something that seems very wrong, and let me know which item and gem and the item levels of each.
  • Stat weights have not been updated since WoW 7.x.  They're still the latest from Ask Mr. Robot; most likely it will take a couple of months to account for all of the expansion changes and produce reliable new stat weights.