Last Updated: Feb 3, 2018 Game Version: 7.3.5


Jan 13, 2008

Owner: VgerAN

Version 2.2.18

  • Fixed an occasional incompatibility with TradeSkillMaster where upgrade arrows would appear in bags too often.  (Special thanks to Curse user Katmandu29a.)

Version 2.2.17

  • Fixed a bug where relic upgrade info wasn't visible on tooltips anymore when the "align values to right edge of tooltip" option was enabled.

Version 2.2.17a

  • Fixed a problem with the German translation of relic upgrade notifications.

Version 2.2.16

  • Updated the default Ask Mr. Robot scales for all classes and specs.

Version 2.2.15

  • Added a fix to make Pawn compatible with the German version of WoW 7.3.2 courtesy of Salty from Curse.

Version 2.2.14

  • Pawn will now suggest blue-quality gems on heroic Tomb of Sargeras gear or better, and the epic-quality gems on heroic Antorus gear.
  • Translation updates for German courtesy of Salty from Curse.
  • (Version 2.2.14a) Translation updates for French courtesy of Kangourousse from Curse.

Version 2.2.13

  • More language updates for WoW patch 7.3.  (If I do four of these updates I get a special cache full of epics.)

Version 2.2.12

  • Fixed a problem introduced by WoW patch 7.3 that caused Pawn to not work properly in the Spanish (Spain) version of WoW.
  • More updates for WoW patch 7.3.

Version 2.2.11

  • Updates for compatibility with WoW patch 7.3.

Version 2.2.10

  • Added a compatibility fix for AethysRotation and other addons that scan your artifacts while you're logging in.

Version 2.2.9

  • Stat weights for all classes and specs have been updated based on hotfixes, balance changes, and new simulations.
  • Pawn will now suggest blue-quality gems only on items that are higher than level 900.

Version 2.2.8

  • Added new guidance and stat weights for all classes and specs to account for changes in WoW patch 7.2.5.  The new weights are optimized for Mythic Keystone dungeons a higher gear level (870) than in previous versions of Pawn, given how quickly one can gear up alts currently.
    • In addition, the new weights for Assassination Rogues now assume that you use Master Poisoner.
  • Fixed a problem in Korean WoW that was introduced in 2.2.7.
  • Additional changes to French support to improve performance for players in all languages.
  • Lots of translation updates for Portuguese courtesy of Pawn fan tiagopl.  (No updates for other languages in this update.)

Version 2.2.7

  • Pawn is now compatible with the French version of WoW patch 7.2.5.

Version 2.2.6

  • Pawn will now wait to start suggesting relics for the third slot of your artifact until you've actually unlocked it.  (I thought it would be helpful for collecting a relic before you finish the questline, but it's proven to be annoying and misleading in practice.)

Version 2.2.5

  • Made a change to try to improve integration with Bagnon.

Version 2.2.4

  • Fixed a bug in Pawn where for some low-level characters, Pawn wouldn't recognize that one of your artifact's relic slots was locked, and would suggest relics for that slot.

Version 2.2.3

  • English: Fixed a problem where the Survival Hunter artifact Talonclaw didn't ever show relic upgrades.  (It's possible that this problem exists for other artifacts—it would occur any time that the artifact had a different name on the item tooltip versus the shift-right-click artifact pane.)

Version 2.2.2

  • Worked around a game bug where WoW was saying that BoE relics looted at level 110 and then passed to lower-level characters would get fewer ilvls from that relic than they actually would.
  • Some other addons simulate shift-right-clicking on your artifact at logon to get information about it.  This caused Pawn to sometimes receive incorrect information about your artifact, which would cause it to overestimate how much of an item level upgrade a relic would be.  Pawn will now detect when this is happening and ignore the bad information it received.
  • Russian: Includes translations for new relic features.

Version 2.2.1

  • Fixed a bug in Pawn 2.2 where items in a player's bags that required a higher player level and couldn't be equipped were still getting green arrows.
  • Pawn will no longer work with WoW 7.1.5.
  • English: Relics that give a single level increase will now say "+1 level" instead of "+1 levels".
  • Russian: Hopefully fixed some of the catastrophic problems that started occurring with patch 7.2.
  • Italian: Includes translations for new relic features.

Version 2.2

  • Includes fixes for compatibility with WoW patch 7.2.
  • Pawn will now highlight relics that are an item level upgrade to one or more of your artifacts.  Note that this upgrade feature is completely separate from Pawn's existing upgrade features—it's based on item level increase, not stats, and your custom scales are not used in any way.
    • This feature won't work until after you shift-right-click your artifacts.  You only have to do that once (for each artifact) after upgrading to Pawn 2.2.
    • This feature will work for all of your artifacts regardless of which spec you're in.
    • Top-tier players who want to min/max specific artifact traits rather than focusing purely on their artifact's item level may want to turn this feature off—see Pawn's Options tab to do so.
  • Pawn will now suggest the cheap 100-stat gems on more items.