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Prospecting and Milling are super annoying! This attempts to make it trivial without an excessive amount of UI additions. Basically, I wanted to make an addon for Milling and Prospecting the required no setup or additional UI—a key I could simply press and prospecting/milling would happen. In the end I made a Swifty one-shot macro that would just pwn all my ore/herbs.

How to Use

The main goal was to make this part EZPZ

  • When you log in for the first time after downloading OSP it should create a macro called "OSP" in the general tab of your macro window (it's a white diamond icon).
  • To use this macro, you MUST put it on a keybind.
  • Mouse over the type of ore/herb that you want to prospect/mill in your backpack and press the macro key.
  • You will prospect/mill that type of herb.
  • YOU DO NOT HAVE TO MOUSE OVER FOR SUBSEQUENT PRESSES. You can just spam the macro and it will keep working on that type of ore/herb.
  • If you want to change what type of ore/herb you're working on, just mouse over it and OSP will remember to keep going on the newly selected item.