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#88 By  bellert

Created Mar 14, 2019 Updated Mar 16, 2019


When I wanted to use OneBag or OneBank only the frame opened but I can't see any item. It's horrible to play without! I rely on Onebag and Onebank. I've been using this for many years now, and I love it! Thank you! :)

Mar 15, 2019

Is this still happening with the update from last night?  There should be an error message if it is, you might need to enable seeing them in options or install bugsack.

Mar 15, 2019



Yes, still happening.  I've updated onebag3, onebank, and even Onecore  but still getting a box,  EMPTY  no contents etc.  


I can't figure out how to attach the photo/screenshot I took.

Edited Mar 15, 2019

Mar 15, 2019

Had the same issue after update. It was cause OneBag was using separate version of OneCore-1.0, installed as addon, which was not updated yet. So i manually copied OneCore-1.0 folder from updated OneBag over separate OneCore-1.0 addon instance. Now it works, but probably need OneCore-1.0 addon to be updated too.

Mar 16, 2019



I am not a programmer, just a player.  What you said makes sense but until Kaelten gets time to fix it, can you tell me how to do this?  I need a little help in that dept.



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