New lightweight addon to track party cooldowns. Type /oc or /omnicd to open the option panel.


  • Track any spell cooldowns.
  • Detects all in-game cooldown reduction, both static and dynamic (reduced while it's on CD), and also tracks cooldown recovery rate. https://imgur.com/QUOk9dy https://imgur.com/HnwPqZ7
  • Built in Interrupt Bar.
  • Extremely reliable and lightweight.
  • Sync Mode: Automatically sync abilities with undetectable cooldown reduction if your teammate has OmniCD.†

† CD reduction by RNG modifiers require Sync Mode. Every other spell and it's CD reduction will work as a standalone.


Supported addons: VuhDo, Grid2, Aptechka, InvenRaidFrame3, Lime, Plexus, HealBot, Cell, ElvUI, Tukui, ShadowUF, ZPerl, PB4, NDui, KkthnxUI, RUF, ShestakUI, GW2, AltzUI, AshToAsh


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