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Filename OmniCC
Uploaded by tullamods
Uploaded Sep 16, 2018
Game Version 8.0.1
Size 76.09 KB
Downloads 183,562
MD5 cb07727fc30fd7da7b74e27bbdfe4ed2
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* Prevent an error when a cooldown lacks a parent
* Handle cases of cooldowns shifting between different parents

* Fix a bug with the minimum duration check for disabled groups.

* OmniCC's folder structure has changed a bit. At the very least, restart WoW after installing the update.
* Completely rewrote the timer implementation, dropping CPU significantly and resolving some issues causing OmniCC to not always show up on certain things, like nameplates. Charge cooldowns should be a bit more consistent as well.

* Rewrote the finish effect implementations. The pulse effect should now no longer have rendering issues.

* The activate effect has been dropped, as it had some implementation issues that could cause tainting
The name lookup rule for cooldowns now all ancestors for a name, instead of just itself and its parent.
* Removed the optimize performance option, as it is no longer necessary.
* The text scaling algorithm now takes both a frame's width and height into account instead of just its width. This is intended to cause cooldowns to fit better within nameplates.
* The spiral transparency option has been dropped as I want to avoid directly modifying cooldown frames
* OmniCC will now disable the Blizzard cooldown count functionality while active. If you disable OmniCC, then the setting should return to whatever you had it at before.

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