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Filename OmniCC
Uploaded by tullamods
Uploaded Sep 3, 2018
Game Version 8.0.1
Size 75.00 KB
Downloads 4,242
MD5 fa77edc83a609f732e90118325b1289c
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== This is a real beta release. Delete all OmniCC* folders from your addons directory before installing. ==

8.0.2-Beta1 * Reduced CPU usage a whole bunch (> 50% in some cases) by porting over tullaCC's timer implementation * Dropped optimize performance option. This option only existed because the Animation system sometimes caused crashes and I'm now using C_Timer instead. * Rewrote the finish effect implementations. The pulse effect should no longer have rendering issues. * OmniCC now obeys the Blizzard Cooldown:SetHideCountdownNumbers API method and will not display numbers on things that set it to true. A side effect of this is that abilities with charges will not display cooldown text until no charges remain.

8.0.2-Beta1 Known Issues: * The spiral transparency option currently doesn't function. * The Activate finish effect has been dropped for now, as the current implementation may have cause tainting issues.

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